Friday, December 14, 2012

Trip to Vienna

About 2 weeks ago I had my birthday. Instead of having a party I decided to make a birthday trip to Vienna as I live in Austria for a year already I thought that the time had arrived to visit this wonderful city. Here are some impressions.

^@CupCakes Wien here are the best CupCakes ever you definitely have to try one if you ever go to Vienna

^Schloss Belvedere

^ After climbing 343 stairs of the Stephansdom we finally had this great view

^shopping time :)

^Tree full of ♥'s

^Best Christmas market I've ever seen!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Secrets are something you tell everybody to tell nobody.

Shirt (your secret is safe with me), Cap - H&M | Jeans Shirt -Esprit | Pants - Only | Booties - Zign

My first outfit post hope you like it guys! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nespresso: What else?

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Heute hab ich an einer Kampagne von Nespresso teilgenommen. Nach dem Motto "U on tour".
Dabei mussten wir uns einen Satz mit einem "U" drinnen ausdenken und ein Foto mit einer rieesen Nespresso-Kaffeemaschine machen.Mein Satz lautet: " All I want is George ClUney & Nespresso. What else?".:D Das hat echt Spaß gemacht und war mal was Neues!

translation: Today I was part of a campaign from Nespresso with the title "U on tour".
For that we had to think up a sentence with a "U" in it and I chose " All I want is George ClUney &Nespresso. What else?". :D That was really fun and something new!

Zu gewinnen gibt es eine Nespresso-Kaffeemaschine, Ein Wellness Tag sowie einige andere tolle Preise! Drückt mir die Daumen :)

translation: The winners get a Nespresso coffee machine, a Beauty day or lots of other great prices! So cross your fingers for me :)

Danach haben meine Freundin und ich uns natürlich auch einen super leckeren Nespresso gegönnt, aber Mr. Clooney ist leider nicht aufgetaucht ;D

translation: Afterwards a good friend of mine and I have enjoyed a cup of really delicious Nespresso coffee, unfortunately Mr. Clooney did not appear ;D
Jeans-Shorts,Pullover,Shoes: H&M / Jacket: The Sting/ Necklace: s.Oliver

Die Kristall-Säule steht in Graz in der Nähe von der großen Weikhard Uhr. Leider hab ich vergessen wie sie heißt. Ich fand sie wunderschön und musste daher sofort ein Foto damit machen :D

translation: The Crystal Pillar stands in Graz, near the big Weikhard Clock. I've forgotten the name of this sparkling thing  but I found it so beautiful that I had to take a picture with it :D